Monday, March 14, 2011

Please Welcome Buba to El Ilhaam Family

Euan McDonald and Lesley Silwood are the masterminds behind this exclusive collection.  Buba was given a standing ovation during the London Fashion Week resulting in orders from over 50 stores.  Buba bags are handcrafted, unique & with different colour-bead and thread fusion on leather.

You can buy the Summer 2011 collection on

                                Behind the scenes from BUBA's Fashion Show ©Mackenzie Films HD

                                       BUBA Fashion Show Interview ©Mackenzie Films HD
The uniqueness of Buba is its relationship between the artist and his materials in the creation of beautiful and timeless pieces and the promotion of artistic tradition and handicrafts is central to their philosophy.  Combining techniques in extraordinary ways and applying them to unusual material continuously creating new and unique designs.

Buba’s signature mark is the use of crochet and whipstitch in a constructive way as opposed to the routine sewing detail. Beads and sequins generally form the main ingredient in these unique designs, Hand Embroidery in its main form of embellishment and the final product is breathtaking. Semi precious stones such as pearls, rose quarts, opals and silver & gold beads on crochet further enrich these unique work.  Buba believes and loves the concept of handmade products.

You will love this collection.  Thank you Buba!!

Discover our spectacular ranges of Buba bags & Accessories only at

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  1. its very original! Very nice selection

  2. Impressive leather work