Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Launched ElIlhaam Magazine

Dear Fashion Divas,
A very warm welcome to all fashion connoisseurs and shoppers of El Ilhaam.  I am sure most of you have visited my online portal, www.elilhaam.com and are enjoying the shopping experience.  For those who are yet to logon,  its time you did! Don’t miss out on the trendiest and the latest.  
I am thrilled and excited to let you know that I have launched, for the first time, my online El Ilhaam magazine.  After the successful launch of El Ilhaam, in less than six months, this is another feather in the cap.  The magazine is designed for women who believe in elegance, prioritize style and choose the best and the latest trends.  It will bring to you a compressive bouquet of juicy fashion news on what’s new, existing, coming and much, much more.  In my own blog in the magazine, I envisage writing on various topics, to keep you a-buzz with what is happening in and around the fashion hub & what the glitterati have to say.  Stay tuned to current runway trends, coolest accessories and the latest fashions.
Logon to the website www.elilham.com and stay connected to the fashion industry or logon to   http://www.elilhaam.com/en/magazine,  to view the magazine directly
Stay connected.  Happy shopping!!

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