Friday, October 29, 2010

Austin Powers, Carnaby Street, Mary Quant Minis, What is missing?

A: A Pucci Dress

I love the free-spirited and adventurous looks of the 60s era and what better way than to marry two famous brands of that period Austin Powers and Pucci.
For this photoshoot you can also see we used Carnaby Street in the background, a pyschadelic shopping full of funky boutiques selling Pucci prints and Mary Quant minis.

                                         Photographed by Hussain Jian 2005
                               Copyright©2010 Al Bayan Publications. All rights reserved



  1. I also big fan of 60's free-spirited costume. Nothing missing anything it gives different modern looks Ilham...

  2. Carnaby Street in the background gives nice look. I like it very much ...

  3. The Themes are awesome i luvd the adventurous looks of the 60s era :-)

  4. the 60's colors and fashion was really amazing
    love it
    nice blogs
    keep the good work ilham