Sunday, October 17, 2010

Power of Minimilasm

                                               Photographed by Hussain Jian
                         Copyright©2010 Al Bayan Publications. All rights reserved

There are many approaches that you can use in photography that focuses on clothing, but going with a Minimalist background is sometimes a wise choice. For fashion photography, the goal is to draw the eye to the best qualities of a garment. A viewer sometimes can be distracted by an excessively elaborate backdrop on the picture. Excessive detail in the background can also be a problem when some feature of it might be unappealing to the viewers, which then makes the clothing less appealing by association. However, the potential value of a Minimalist background should never be underestimated and I was surprised to see how alive the details appeared allowing the clothes at the center of the picture to shine.


  1. Minimal art implements very decent and modern look in photography, And I also big fan of Minimal art. Thanks for inspiring us Minimilasm on fashion photography lifestyle...

  2. good morning
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    you are right and i agree with you
    as i see its really show the cloths and design in great way

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    keep the good work and ideas

    best wishes

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  8. Minimalism describes attitudes in various forms of art design and fashion, visual art and music, where the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features.The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture where in the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. Minimalist design it's the perfect merge from idea to realization!