Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tourism - the Vibrant Sector of Dubai

After reading the Interview of Gerald Lawless, Executive Chairman Jumeirah Group’s in Al Bayan Newspaper today, I decided to give out some "Valuable Statistics" for those working in the luxury and lifestyle sectors in Dubai.


·         Jumeirah Group Occupancy rate in Dubai reached 90% in 4th Quarter of
·         Current Occupancy is 100% for beach hotels & 80% for Emirates Towers
           in Dubai
·         17% increase in 5 star rooms in Dubai

Visitor by Nationality

·         GCC is 20-25% of total Jumeirah Hotels visitors
·         European Markets are the main market
·         New visitors from Far East especially from China


·         Winter is the main season because of the climate
·         Summer is improving due to strong government promotions, Airlines
        and events such as Dubai Summer Surprises

Future Trends

·         Increase in conferences and exhibitions led to increase in hall &
        smaller conference room bookings during such events & its on the rise
·         China Market Shows major growth forecasted to reach 100 million 
        tourist by 2020 by World Tourism Organization.
·         According to Gerald Lawless' personal opinion, the beach hotels will 
        be more in demand due to its leisure and business facilities, and
        affordable rates
·         Jumeirah Group to open six new hotels in 2011, one in
        Dubai and the rest in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Kuwait, & Azerbaijan 


In Arabic you can read the full Interview in Al Bayan Newspaper

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