Friday, January 21, 2011

Art The Silent Speaker

As I stated on twitter I love to visit DIFC from time to time making a point to meet my friends and going a bit earlier to discover some of the Nouveau Object d’art displayed in the galleries. Well, look what I discovered yesterday; the "Flying King" from Pierre Matter’s sculptures at Opera Gallery. A phenomenal concept based on the view that men evolved into partly mechanical beings! So true, so beautiful and maybe for some a painful reality.
The Flying King, Source: Opera Gallery Dubai

If you are in Dubai and passing by DIFC, you can glance Pierre Matter's sculpture at the Entrance of the Gate Village photographed below. Another one of his extraordinary Sculptures "Hommage A Barcelona" standing proud at the entrance.

After leaving the Opera Gallery, I glanced at a small rusty car parked outside the next door gallery, walking towards it I noticed the details of a car piled with personal belongings!!! Such a Piece of art caught my eyes not for its beauty but for the underlying message it communicated. Aymaan Baalbaki's work “Destination X” from The Farjam Collection, is a strong message that communicates suffering of a nation! the Lebanese artist draws his inspiration from his early years being a refugee although the art work has humor but the underlying message of misery is exceptionally evident.  

Truly such visits always sparks fresh perspectives and clearly art is a silent speaker.

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