Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pop Art of 50s & 60s Come alive with Massimo Trulli's creations

I’m so glad and happy to welcome a new member to El Ilhaam Family, please join me to welcome Massimo Trulli, a true visionary, artist, & designer of the brand MASSIMO TRULLI.

MASSIMO TRULLI consistently created in thirty-years the most creative handmade artistic bags and leather goods under the brand name.

The philosophy of the brand is based on marriage between art and fashion, exclusivity, quality, originality and beauty of his creations, thus offering its customers something unique and irresistible.

What we are introducing this season is “The Bag Art”, made by hand from the works of art (style POP ART) inspired by the mythical years' 50 and'60 and its division and the characters, enhancing the image (often in a comic) of fashion, advertising, cinema and lifestyle of that era.

Bag Lady Limited Edition to 999 pieces worldwide.

The Collection offers exclusive research, strictly "Made in Italy" highly distinctive and original limited edition to 999 pieces worldwide.

Each piece is Certificate, numbered and signed by the artist in a way as to prevent reproduction.

For more details of each product you can find it on

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