Saturday, January 15, 2011

The World Of Trend Forecasting

There is no guessing that goes into the fashion world. It's not like the trends that you find in the stores today happened because someone just guessed what they would be. In fact, there is more research and hard work that goes into those trends then the average person could imagine. There are people in office buildings who are spending late nights trying to figure out the next thing, you, the consumer, is going to buy. While you may be shocked to learn that you follow a pattern when it comes to what kind of clothing you buy, well, if you really think about it it's absolutely true. Not only are you influenced by what kind of fashion you see in the media, you are also influenced by the fashion that you see on the street. That is what Trend Forecasting is all about.

Trend Forecasting is not a new thing, it's been around for as long as there has been fashion. While it's kind of a scientific, creativity & good observation process, it's also something that is best handled by an specialist. In a way, Trend Forecasting is all about looking one step ahead of the current fashion climate. Anyone can look on the street and notice the kind of fashion's that people are wearing. What a trend forecaster is in charge of doing is figuring out what people are going to be wearing next year or two. While that may sound risky, well, it is. That's why these people get paid a pretty penny for their insight; and why they can lose their jobs easily if they don't forecast correctly.

So how do you do the right kind of Trend Forecasting?
It's all about studying the pulse of the fashion world. Trend forecasting is for those who want to create original designs and not copies of the A list brand’s collection straight from the catwalk a season earlier. Those who want to study trends should start by communicating with textile designers since they create colors and yarns two year in advance and display them at exhibitions. You have to look at real world factors like how much consumers are willing to spend on an outfit. The country mood, what themes can be generated If the economy's down or the average person is spending less on clothing. Forecasters know the up's and down's of the fashion world better than anyone else, yet, as with any job in this realm, it is at the end of the day a well educated guess.

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