Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Latest Trend is Not Hot!!!

Yes we are talking about Ice sugar, creamy, and cold "Branded Cakes."
Do you have a Diva Sister that loves fashion and will "just die" if she did not get the latest pair of Jimmy Choo heels? Or, are you into the latest fashions of Birkin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and others? Fashion cakes or branded cakes are the hottest thing these days some cost as same if not more than the brand it displays. Many women are using cakes to display their personality and using them as a showpiece. Cake designers are listening to their clients and creating masterpieces! Check out below Elham Rabi cake creations.


  1. It was and still is a hit, waiting for the next hot thing to rock the girls around..
    Nice blog as a first timer..keep it up :)

  2. nice blogs
    i really love it
    its show good tips about fashion
    really really love it
    waiting for nest blog

  3. Yum! amazing cake presentation! its sure impressive and yummy

  4. Wow! very interesting to see how trends are created and followed...

    Thanks for the great insights - looking forward to learning more...

  5. Dont know much about fashion, but food, I can comment on ;)

    I imagine serving these at Fashion events and fashion sections of malls/ stores will be a gimmick we start to see more often. Tho Im not so sure it will do good for the physiques of the fashion conscious.

    Given the popularity of cupcakes and how they have become a 'hot' item, Im not surprised brands have jumped on the bandwagon as well!

  6. yeah its really great
    love the idea its nice
    and u make it show in good way
    love it

  7. Loved all the posts, but this one just takes the cake - if you will excuse the pun :)