Saturday, September 11, 2010

(IF-BSS) Crystallized Intelligence

Ilham's Fashion & Beauty Shoot Series (IF-BSS)

(IF-BSS) Crystallized Intelligence

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In 2004 &2005, the idea of using crystals on eyelid, cheeks and lips wasn't the most popular choice for many fashion directors & designers. However, I opted to give it a try and it made such a difference. The models came to life with various features being played up because of the use of this type of accessory. I challenged myself to apply it to different cultures trying it out on Indian traditional wear as well as western gowns. It was something that caught the eye of other designers as well as photographers. For me, it was the beginning of a new era. The focus being on drawing out a new theme and creating a unique look.

Photographed by Hussain Jian. © 2010 Al Bayan Publications. All rights reserved.


  1. You have been ahead of your time with fashion since the beginning. Equipped with creative eye and a luxurious taste I will be waiting for more of trend setting in the fashion world. Keep up the innovation and creativity.

  2. Mashallah 5alo,,,,even though i dont get these stuff,,,but the site looks amazing mashallah.

  3. Niiiiiice mashAllah Elham.. keep it up.. beautiful pic too

  4. really nice pics
    and i love what u do
    u r really ahead of fashion time
    u r the future of fashion
    love reading your blogs

  5. Nice Work has been your passion, and for that you are certained to succeed..

    Showcase more work and talent

  6. woow
    awesome work and great inspiration

    i am thinking of doing it
    its really look so beautiful


  7. this blog is definetly inspiring keep up the tremendous work!