Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mystery Mystic

MysteryMystic is a very appealing combination if applied imaginatively! This is what I was set to accomplish in styling this photoshoot mixing the Arabic Abaya wear with the Japanese restaurant setting. The beautiful Arabic traditional clothes were so beautiful. The colors blended in with the colors in the Japanese restaurant . The fashion integrity that they bring to the industry of fashion is wonderful. I’m glad I did something refreshing and true to its notion MysteryMystic.

Photographed by Hussain Jian. ©2010 Al Bayan Publications. All rights reserved


  1. Such an elegant photoshoot, It's obvious that women who wear abaya and sheila stand out in this society as the most elegant & classy, and ofcourse extremely fashionable.

  2. wow I love the combination!

  3. its look like natural and beautiful.I like it very much..

  4. Honestly
    Arabic Abaya has creativity
    Mixed in a beauty way and show amazing and beautiful result
    Continuous innovation ilham

    great work

    u really show how Beautiful abaya can be

  5. its not the Abaya, or the model, or the jewelery or the make up or even the restaurant, its the ability and creativity to mix the right colors and accessorize them well and position them within the perfect surroundings that is able to provide us with this beautiful work of art...
    amazing work... keep it up and we will be waiting for more ..