Friday, September 17, 2010

Tropical Rainforest Dubai!

If you have a tight budget, (well that means thumbs down travel) and determined to shoot an Amazonian rainforest theme, what do you do?
Well I kept asking myself many times driving around Dubai city for days figuring out how I will execute this task!
Dubai has neither that type of climate nor the rainforest we needed. Until I found the perfect location;
Believe it or not it turned out to be the ground floor lobby of Grand Hyatt hotel in Dubai.
After several trial runs, with the help of the amazing team and the maverick Hussain Jian we were able to keep the glamour of the evening wear and crystal body make up in what appeared to be an exotic place. The photo release in 2005 was so original kept the audience guessing what a treat she had. It turned out to be the most demanding of them all but I wouldn't become out of the box thinker, had I.
Photographed by Hussain Jian.
©2010 Al Bayan Publications. All rights reserved.


  1.'s touching my heart. What a great hotel it is. I want to visit at least one time to the Grand Hyatt in my life.

  2. Great. I want to spend my next vacation holidays in Grand Hyatt.

  3. Wonderful idea. I also want to take a photo shoot there.I feel this ll give a experience like enter into the Amazonian forest.

  4. amazing work as usual, we discussed this breifely but i could not imagine this...great work Ilhaam!

  5. woow nice
    first when i saw the pics i say to my self its taken in Asia or Hawaii
    but after readying ur blog i was amazing
    Dubai really have great places
    and u know how to show that
    keep the great job


  6. Absolutely fabulous....what is nice is that the model actually has some exotic looks, curves and as though she does have some arab blood although she may be Italian or Greek with those looks. I am not Arab but I am getting sick of seeing pale, ugly skinny east european women with no shape whatsoever being paraded in magazines when this region has the most beautiful, real and exotic women in the world.
    Well done Ilhaam - this certainly is the way forward!

  7. wonderful heart touching

  8. Sure look tropical - good thinking, who woulda thought to find this set in a hotel lobby ;)

  9. Great work... great inspiration Ilham.